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Founded in 2013, RUIK is a manufacturer and supplier of optical passive components design mainly for various industries which include Fiber Laser, Fiber Sensing, Gyroscope, Medical Systems, Telecommunication, etc. 


RUIK specialized in Polarization Maintaining(PM) fiber components, Single-mode (SM) fiber components and High Power fiber components with ranging from 450nm to 2050nm. Our 1um high power isolator are capable of handling up to 100W average, and 30kW peak power for fiber laser applications, we design and manufacture customized components to our customers as well.

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Establishment time


Square measure

150 +

Existing employees

700 +


Product Series

After continuous technological accumulation and innovation, we have established and improved five core technologies and processes, including micro optics, high-power, fused taper, mechanical design and packaging. We have over a hundred standardized products on sale, providing one-stop solutions for fields such as fiber lasers and OCT medical treatment

Application industry
The core technology of passive components mastered has successfully served relevant fields such as domestic and foreign fiber lasers, autonomous driving, fiber optic networks, fiber optic sensing, aerospace, biomedical, quantum communication, optical research, and has completed multiple large-scale production and product delivery
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  • Fiber laser
  • Network
  • Optical fiber sensing
  • Biomedical
  • Quantum communication
  • Optical research

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